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Bol fun


Pebble beach and Zlatni rat Cape

Zlatni rat is the most frequent motif on Croatian postcards. It is the country’s largest and most famous beach shaped in the form of a swan’s neck that stretches 500 metres vertically into the sea. This famous beach is as supple as liquid gold, constantly changing its shape, leaning as winds and sea currents push it to one or the other side. It has become a trademark of Bol and Croatia due to its exceptional beauty and specific form.


The Highest Peak of island Brac

As we see that the Brac islands has a lot to offer to the tourists coming in here from several parts of the world. The unseen beauty of the place, beaches, extreme sports festivals and the other islands attract thousands of travelers. And especially those who love adventure and some thrill, should come to Brac islands atleast once. Here we shall take you to one such adventures place in Brac islands.

Its beauty that will surely catch your imagination and you will be thrilled to have come to such a beautiful place in these islands. Vidova Gora also known as Vitus Mount is about 778 meters in height. It is the indeed the highest peak in the entire Croatian islands. Made of several kinds of stones and structures, it is a ideal place for adventure enthusiast. A part of the area is full of limestone which is rocky and steep. The other areas are low and also sandy.

You can really watch a lot of landscape and surrounding islands when you go trekking to the top of the peak. It is really adventures to go on a trekking event on these peaks. You can take the help of the local travel and tour guides. For those who love a bit of comfort, can also reach the top of the mountain by road.

Above our house is road for hikeing to Vidova gora . It takes from 45 min up to 2 hours to the top. (depends on physical condition)

The breathless view that you will see from the top of the mountain of the slopes of the south side of the mountain is just amazing. It will be in your memory for ever. The town of Bol, and the most famous beach of Brac islands called Zlatni rat (Golden cape) is also visible from here. You can even find the islands of Middle Dalmatia from this place.If you happen to come to Vidova gora, you can also make it a point to go to the famous Desert Blaca which is nearby to this palace. It has a great scientific and cultural importance.


Irrespective of the time of the year you go to, you are sure to enjoy all the picturesque sites. It will give a special charm to anyone coming here. You can enjoy different kinds of Mediterranean food. So make sure to come to this place when you plan to come to brac islands.

Kids Jump park

In this tourist season in Bol amusement park is open, “Jump Park”. The park is located in a copse Borak near the promenade and the hotel Borak. Its offer further enriches and extends the tourist offer of Bol. Jump park for all ages offers a physically active and adrenaline-packed fun. Jump park offers bungee trampoline, which allows visitors to experience a new jumping up to 8 meters. Trampoline with 5 fields offers an excellent and active entertainment for every fan of jumping.For the small children there is a bounce house where they can have fun jumping and playing with balls.Jump park also offers the air guns on foam balls that are great fun for kids and for seniors who want’s to weighed their precision. Air guns are ideal for raising the competitive spirit and superb entertainment.

Jump Park offers superb entertainment every day from 09h to 23h.

Bol fun