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Vidova Gora

There are lot of things that you must visit when you come to Brac. And it is definitely Vidova Gora, the highest mountain of all Adriatic islands (778 m above the sea level). It is named after the small church of St. Vid, which stand at the top of the hill, now in ruins, located some eighty feet west of the terrace catering establishment “Vidova Gora”. The church was built in the 13th or 14 St. Brac regiment has always connected the mountain, around which are knitted a number of fantastic stories, mostly of Slavonic origin. Long before the arrival of the Slavs to the Adriatic, at Vidova Gora the Illyrian people have had forts. The remains of these walls may still be seen at some places. At the top of Vidova Gora, today there is an transmitter and is home to a pub and stone tables and benches, offering a unique view to the south. Deep beneath there are visible wine-growing and green valleys with a characteristic Bol’s Golden Cape (Zlatni Rat) gravel beach. Visitors to Vidova Gora can enjoy in one of the most spectacular views on Adriatic. Right in front, in direction south lay Hvar island and Vis island.